Plagiarism Policy

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicinal Research (TJOPAM) is committed to publish plagiarism free articles. The authors are sole responsible to ensure that they have written entirely original works, and if the authors have used the work and/or words of others, this has been appropriately cited or quoted. Any article found with plagiarise content will automatically rejected by Editor without sending it to expert reviewer.

About Plagiarism

Plagiarism involves the act of using others’ work and trying to pass it off as your own original work. Essentially, plagiarism is stealing another person’s work or ideas. It can occur intentionally and unintentionally. It also includes self plagiarism, the manuscript content should not be submitted/stored in any URL/Database/Website before submitting to us for publication.

Examples of plagiarism:

  • Copying and pasting from the Internet and posting somewhere else without proper citation
  • Mentioning your name on another person’s essay or project
  • Copying exact wording  - varbatim - from another individual’s work / text
  • Using another person’s tables, diagram,sounds,photo or ideas without proper references / citations
  • Purchasing another person’s text and using it as your own

Plagiarism in all its forms as well as submission of the same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently constitutes unethical publishing behaviour and are unacceptable by The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Medicinal Research. Thus, the plagiarism declaration must require to acknowledge by clicking on check box of submission checklist while submission of manuscript.